Mydaily via Naver 1. He’s basically getting kicked out for dating. So dirty of Cube. I hope all of you get caught dating in the workplace and get fired over it too. He hasn’t committed a crime worthy of death. Pentagon’s E’Dawn put on indefinite hiatus Herald POP via Nate 1.

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But my mom would repeatedly tell me she’d “never pay money for clothes that are already destroyed,” right before she’d complain about the music in the store being too loud and the lights too dim. It didn’t help that those extra holes and fraying actually made the jeans cost considerably more than a plain pair. So, I learned early on how to destroy my brand new jeans myself and save 20 bucks in the process. Here are five different techniques you can use to distress your jeans.

TheSaviourMachine: It has to be on October Fest in one of those huge tents with at least a drunk Germans in it. I’ve got a hand satisfaction under the table with people all around us and our friend right across the table having a conversation with us.

Menstrual cycle A woman’s menstrual cycle begins, as it has been arbitrarily assigned, with menses. Next is the follicular phase where estrogen levels build as an ovum matures due to the follicular stimulating hormone, or FSH within the ovary. When estrogen levels peak, it spurs a surge of luteinizing hormone LH which finishes the ovum and enables it to break through the ovary wall. During the luteal phase, which follows ovulation LH and FSH cause the post-ovulation ovary to develop into the corpus luteum which produces progesterone.

The production of progesterone inhibits the LH and FSH hormones which in a cycle without pregnancy causes the corpus luteum to atrophy, and menses to begin the cycle again. Peak fertility occurs during just a few days of the cycle: Sperm survive inside the uterus between 48 and 72 hours on average, with the maximum being hours 5 days. These periods and intervals are important factors for couples using the rhythm method of contraception. Female infertility The average age of menarche in the United States is about This is considered the end of the fertile phase of a woman’s life.

The following effects of age and female fertility have been found in women trying to get pregnant, without using fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization: Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, US, say that if eggs are newly created each month in humans as well, all current theories about the aging of the female reproductive system will have to be overhauled, although at this time this is simply conjecture.

The risk rose to about 20 percent at age 35 to 39, and more than 50 percent by age 42″. According to the March of Dimes, “At age 25, your risk of having a baby with Down syndrome is 1 in 1,


Flag I have started to date my foods that I put into storage; into the fridge, into the freezer, and into the pantry, my leftovers, everything! An easy way to do this is keep a dispenser of scotch tape and a sharpie handy. If you don’t want to write on the carton because you’re going to use it again at another time or it won’t take the pen , just put a piece of scotch tape on the package and write on it. Ad I do this with perishables as well as staples.

I buy most of my staples in bulk, and keep them in an outside fridge.

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Wikipedia describes word2vec very precisely: Word vectors are positioned in the vector space such that words that share common contexts in the corpus are located in close proximity to one another in the space. I then wrote a small tool designed to preprocess the collected Tweets, feed that processed data into word2vec, and finally output some visualizations. The rest of this blog post will be devoted to listing and explaining the code used to perform these tasks.

The code starts with a set of functions that perform processing and visualization tasks. The main routine at the end wraps everything up by calling each routine sequentially, passing artifacts from the previous step to the next one. In each processing step, I like to save the output.

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New encounter in Zheng Shi: Approaching Urbolg three days after beating him will trigger an event and enable them — rarely in the Mines, and commonly in the Foundry. This all-mouse group will always attempt to shake down unaffiliated people wandering Zheng Shi.

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Hazel-Atlas eventually grew to become one of the largest glass manufacturing firms in the world, probably second in the United States, behind Owens-Illinois Glass Company with 14 glass plants operating simultaneously. The Plainfield plant was later sold to A. I have noticed items listed for sale by dealers and sellers at antique malls, flea markets and other venues such as ebay with labels indicating Anchor Hocking.

Codes on bases of H-A bottles: Many of the Hazel-Atlas containers I have seen do not conform exactly to this chart, but this might be of some help in interpreting the markings on some of their products. This chart is probably from a trade publication of the s: Chart of Hazel-Atlas base codes on containers, courtesy of fruitjar. Some patterns were also made in cobalt blue and, in a few cases, amethyst. Most of these were made during the early and mid s.

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The battle theme will forever fill me with dread for the grindfest that a lot of battle became because I was underlevelled for area and couldn’t go backwards. Damn you, Palumpolum, I had to restart the entire fucking game. I’ll forever remember X’s battle theme though. I like my 3D world too much to put up with walking on a 2D image.

For the soundtracks though, they all have something really outstanding.

Fertility is the natural capability to produce offspring. As a measure, fertility rate is the number of offspring born per mating pair, individual or population. Fertility differs from fecundity, which is defined as the potential for reproduction (influenced by gamete production, fertilization and carrying a pregnancy to term) [citation needed].A lack of fertility is infertility while a lack.

Review Review Review Standarts Our main goal is to provide full and useful app reviews. Our authors strictly follow the rules: View all reviews Do you know the simplest and fastest way to share big files? So here is an answer and an excellent solution! WeTransfer is the best choice to transfer big files online. This app is extremely simple in use and keeps lots of your free time. It was created by a startup team from Amsterdam and launched in the year of , and has shortly become the most popular service for quick file sharing.

This app has more than 70 million files being transferred each month.

5 Easy Tricks for Distressing TF Out of Your Jeans

The billion dollar baby has now, officially, gone bye bye. Theranos has now told regulators that it threw out all Edison test results from and , effectively confirming it has no proprietary technology, and also validating that its valuation should be zero. Worse, Theranos has told regulators that it used the Edison for 12 types of tests out of more than offered to consumers and stopped using the devices altogether in late June In the process of commiting fraud and building up her valuation, Holmes repeatedly gambled with people’s lives, sending them clearly wrong results.

As a result some patients have received erroneous results that might have thrown off health decisions made with their doctors, the WSJ reports.

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How much water should you drink daily to increase your ejaculate? The volume of your ejaculate depends on how hydrated you are. This is the average amount you need to drink each day to stay hydrated. If you want to increase your ejaculate, you need to drink more than the minimum your body needs to function. This is a sufficient amount. Read on for another quiz question. This is definitely going overboard.

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