I elected to use unions on either side of the valve instead of trying to run new lines thru the gear weldments. I used a small hack saw to cut the lines between the F B and F B support ribs. I left extra length on the outboard portion to give me some wiggle room to adjust to proper length and be able to more easily flare the ends. I had to bend the tube with the spring bender forward to get at it with the flare tool. First I made the inboard lengths of line that connect to the Andair fuel valve and go down and outboard thru the F B support rib. I cut the outboard lines, installed nut and sleeve, the flared the end and attached the union. I pretty much just eyeballed were to cut the inboard line to match up to the union. This was much easier as I was able to pull this little length thru the hole in the F B support rib to a position that I needed to flare the end.

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Page 8 Removing the Spray Arm Assembly 1. Disconnect the dishwasher from the house- hold electrical system. Open the dishwasher door and remove the lower rack.

RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL SERVICES. Connection and General Information. Page 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS. make up the main control and shut off of the power supply. Service Point The point where the Utility’s responsibility stops and the customer’s starts. The utility’s Service.

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Convert unbalanced to balanced, or balanced to unbalanced. Enables the use of long balanced cables for a hum-free signal. Each channel contains a low distortion, high output, wide bandwidth, nickel-core output transformer. The LT 22 is an easy and convenient way to add output transformers to any line-level equipment.

Short Truck Bed Cargo Net Spec Sheet The dimensions of the short truck bed cargo net are 66″ x 50″ with 6″ x 6″ hole openings. Each of the four corners are equipped with an assembly including a vinyl coated s-hook and cam buckle for adjustability.

An accessory kit, supplied by the manufacturer,shall be used to convert to propane gas use or may be required for Clearance arrows some natural gas applications. The furnace should be installed as level as possible. Provide ample space for servicing and cleaning. Always comply with the minimum fire protection clearances shown on the unit rating plate.

If furnace is installed on a raised platform to provide a return-air plenum, and return air is taken directly from The operation of exhaust fans, kitchen ventilation fans, hallway or space adjacent to furnace, all air for combustion clothes dryers, or fireplaces could create a NEGATIVE must come from outdoors. Connect supply- and return-air ducts. Install X in.

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Automated production of Loop Diagrams. Automated production of Bill of materials report. Automated production of Cables Schedule report. Automated production of wire interconnection lists.

AEC Construction Details – Format A collection of over 9,+ 2D construction details and drawings for residential and commercial application. One Hundred Twenty major categories of fully editable and scalable drawings and details in AutoCad Format.

NET discussion forum here. There could be different solutions to that question and I thought it would be better to put forth mine with actual code provided, which might be too long to post as reply in the discussion forum. So, I decided to post it here for better readability. This would cause issue when a command is active with AutoCAD usually, it is in the middle of the command, waiting for user input and user goes to the PaletteSet to trigger another command, as described in the question posted in the discussion forum, such as clicking a button to call a command to insert a block.

In this case, the interaction with PaletteSet either results in AutoCAD command line showing error message; or nothing happens at AutoCAD command line – the active command is still waiting to be either completed, or cancelled. One way to handle this issue is always test if there is active command in PaletteSet’ user interaction event handler first, and only goes ahead when there is no active command.

Obviously the latter approach would be desirable in most cases and and more compliant with AutoCAD conventions. So, here is my solution to the question posted in the forum aforementioned. Firstly I created a custom PaletteSet. Following is the code of the Palette System.

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Move, scale and rotate multiple images with 4 point alignment. Convert CAD images logos, scans, etc to blocks containing 2dsolids for pixels. Eliminates the need to send image files with DWGs. Convert multiple CAD images to blocks containing solids for pixels. Provides options to scale, rotate, and convert formats on multiple image files.

Stock up Shop. Shop All Food This easy to install ladder hook fits on the Rubbermaid FastTrack 48″ rail, sold separately. Back. Customer Reviews. Average rating: out of 5 stars, based on reviews. out of 5 Stars. See all 3 reviews. 5 stars. 2. 4 stars. /5(3).

Differential pressure gage, range Air and non-combustible, compatible gases natural gas option available. May be used with hydrogen. Order a Buna-N diaphragm. Pressures must be less than 35 psi. Die cast aluminum case and bezel, with acrylic cover, Exterior finish is coated gray to withstand hour salt spray corrosion test.

Relief plug opens at approximately 25 psig 1. See Overpressure Protection note on Catalog page. Diaphragm in vertical position.

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The USB flash drive is automatically synched with the latest “unrecorded” data each time the flash drive is inserted. This can be done daily, weekly, monthly, etc Software also includes custom CSV spreadsheet report generation. Contact FloScan for pricing.

Title: L:WorkR&D 1FORCE JR PPC Connction MODEL (1) Author: Created Date: 2/3/ AM.

In general, chemical processes are complex, and chemical engineers in industry encounter a variety of chemical process flow diagrams. These processes often involve substances of high chemical reactivity, high toxicity, and high corrosivity operating at high pressures and temperatures. Visual information is the clearest way to present material and is least likely to be misinterpreted. For these reasons, it is essential that chemical engineers be able to formulate appropriate process diagrams and be skilled in analyzing and interpreting diagrams prepared by others.

The most effective way of communicating information about a process is through the use of flow diagrams. This chapter presents and discusses the more common flow diagrams encountered in the chemical process industry. These diagrams evolve from the time a process is conceived in the laboratory through the design, construction, and the many years of plant operation.

The most important of these diagrams are described and discussed in this chapter. The following narrative is taken from Kauffman [1] and describes a representative case history related to the development of a new chemical process. It shows how teams of engineers work together to provide a plant design and introduces the types of diagrams that will be explored in this chapter.

Process engineers assigned to work with the development group have pieced together a continuous process for making ABS in commercial quantities and have tested key parts of it. This work involved hundreds of block flow diagrams, some more complex than others. Based on information derived from these block flow diagrams, a decision was made to proceed with this process.

As problems arise and are solved, the team may revise and redraw the PFDs.

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These are the most common points of failure, especially in the greenhouse environment. Heat exchangers invariably fail at the points where manufacturing processes have weakened the metal by stamping, crimping and welding. Modine HD gas heaters are equipped with a tubular heat exchanger which consists of smooth, continuous tubes are formed in a serpentine shape and then placed in parallel rows. This type of heat exchanger has no stress points, no points where the metal has been compromised making it more durable than a similar clamshell heat exchanger and allowing the unit to be equipped with in-shot burners.

The Monroe County Water Authority is dedicated to serving our customers. Call us Monday through Friday, a.m. to p.m., at () regarding questions on your bill, water supply, or any other water-related issues.

I used a 6 by 6 by 6 metal box for this. The junction box out at the array. The grey PVC conduit goes to the house. The black cord comes from the first in the line of micro-inverters. The junction box is supported on MDO plywood, which is very water resistant — its what freeway signs are made of. I did this wiring before connecting the micro-inverter cables to the PV panels, and before connecting the new circuit breaker to the house power, so there was no power applied to this circuit during the wiring from either the PV end or the house power end.

You will need one of these. The wiring connections in the junction box are: The grounding lug should be attached to the box with a self tapping screw so that it makes good electrical contact with the box. The wiring of the junction box at the array end. Make sure the wires enter through appropriate bushings. The Enphase interconnect cable comes in through a weather proof strain relief fitting.


Troubleshooting Guide Baseboard heater strips come from the manufacturer with built-in thermostats. They do the job that they were designed to do, but they have drawbacks. First, quite often using them means getting down on the floor and crawling under or behind tables to adjust them. Second, if you have two or more baseboard heaters in the same room, you have to adjust each of them individually. It is much more convenient and efficient to connect the baseboard heaters in parallel and hook them up to one wall-mounted, across-the-line thermostat.

K likes. free plans dwg.

Voltage,current, RTD and power metering are built into the relay as a standard feature. Metering The following system values are accurately metered and displayed: Phase, differential and ground currents, average current, motor load, current unbalance. Phase-to-ground and Phase-to-phase voltages, average phase voltage, system frequency. Real, reactive, apparent power, power factor, watthours, varhours, torque Current and power demand. Analog inputs and RTD temperatures.

Thermal capacity used, lockout times, motor speed Monitoring The is equipped with monitoring tools to capture data. The following information is presented in a suitable format. Event Recorder The event recorder stores motor and system information with a date and time stamp each time a system event occurs. Up to events are recorded. The record is date and time stamped. Advanced Motor Diagnostics The Multilin provides advanced motor diagnostics including a broken rotor bar detection function.

The advanced Motor Current Signature Analysis MCSA continuously analyzes the motor current signature and based on preset algorithms will determine when a broken rotor bar is present in the motor. Tools to monitor the status of your motor, maintain your relay, and integrate information measured by the into HMI or SCADA monitoring systems are available.

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IAM Search Instrumentation Documents – Loop Diagrams Finally, we arrive at the loop diagram sometimes called a loop sheet for the compressor surge control system loop number Note that dashed lines now represent individual copper wires instead of whole cables. Terminal blocks where these wires connect to are represented by squares with numbers in them. Cable numbers, wire colors, junction block numbers, panel identification, and even grounding points are all shown in loop diagrams. The only type of diagram at a lower level of abstraction than a loop diagram would be an electronic schematic diagram for an individual instrument, which of course would only show details pertaining to that one instrument.

To the novice it may seem excessive to include such trivia as wire colors in a loop diagram.

Free up site schedule and resources by modularizing core form work off site in a specialized FIELD INSTALLED VERTICAL REBAR WITH HOOK REBAR DATE: 8/9/ TM FOUNDATION REBAR WITH 90 DEGREE HOOK REBAR DATE: 8/9/ TM DATE: 8/9/ TM FOUNDATION REBAR – STRAIGHT REBAR

AutoCAD built-in plotting log is a plain text file, usually saved where the the plotted drawing is, if enabled. Of course these kind of plotting logs are not convenient for plotting management: In general, file based store is not very ideal solution with this custom plot tracking application: In order for this custom plot tracking application to be able to save plotting log to different data store, I created an Interface called IPlottingLogWriter. For different data store, we can write different code to save the plotting log, as long as the IPlottingLogWriter is implemented.

In this article, the the simplicity, I implemented an file data store, called PlottingLogFileWriter to save plotting log to a text file.