Share 27 shares With three pedestrian lanes and five crossing points, the sinuous bridge seems like it’s never ending. The Meizi bridge is designed by a firm called Next Architects, which has offices in Amsterdam and Beijing. Construction of the structure began in June, The unusual shape is said to be inspired by a Chinese ‘good luck knot’, a traditional handicraft that is often given as a gift during festivals for good fortune. On the company’s website , the designers said the walkway would be an icon on the recreational and touristic street along the waters. Its innovative design of the bridge has caught the attention of CNN , which dubbed it the ‘bridge with no end’ in an article analysing the psychology behind curvy architecture. The bridge’s shape is said to be inspired by a Chinese ‘good luck knot’ pictured After pictures of the bridge were circulated, Chinese journalists have been stunned by the bridge’s complicated design, wondering how people might cross it.

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Changsha was active by the end of the Tang Dynasty , peaked from late Tang to Five Dynasties, and declined after Five Dynasties. Its main product were wares with a grayish-green glaze, but all iron based earth colors occurs. All kinds of ceramic products were made, including molded figures, as well as thrown utilarian pots, jars and dishes of all shapes and decorations.

A well known typical shape is a short-spouted ewer with a globular body and a straight neck. The kilns is noted for its rich and varied decoration of all kinds, especially its early painted decoration of figures, natural ornaments and calligraphy, as well as applied ornaments or dipped, painted and splashed glazes. Potters working near Changsha in southern China seem to have been the first to experiment with and perfect underglaze decor which was one of the most influential Tang ceramic achievements, which was also to have a long lasting importance.

dating violence is more prevalent in gay men than in heterosexuals. Efforts to prevent dating violence, especially among gay men, should be made in China. Changsha, Hunan, P. R. China 3The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

The journey takes about 25 minutes. The train station is a short drive from the Visitor’s Center, making a day trip to Shaoshan from Changsha very convenient The highway of Shaoshan extends to all directions. Go eastward, you will get to Xiangtan City; go northward, you will reach Changsha and Zhangjiajie Cities. Trains are regular and fast reaching up to km per hour on the short trip.

Buses at Shaoshan South railway station provide inexpensive transfer to Shaoshan and to Getting around the main tourist sites in Shaoshan is extremely easy, even if you have limited Chinese. In the train station parking lot there are always buses waiting, including big tourist buses and local buses. The local bus to the visitor’s center is free, but if you don’t speak Chinese the best option is the tourist bus.

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Changsha Ladies The capital city of Hunan Province is Changsha. Being the largest city, it’s only to be expected that a large number of Hunan wives come from Changsha.

Some of the waste is as thick as more than 4m, a testament to the enormous production scale. One of the Changsha kiln sites has been developed as a tourist attraction The origin of Changsha wares was unveiled only in s after the kilns were discovered. The meaning is as follows: In short, the wording specifically mentioned that it was made in Hunan in a location called Shi Zhu. Hence, it is believed that Changsha ware was developed on the foundation of Yuezhou wares.

The An Lushan Rebellion in Northern China inflicted devastating destruction and the ensuing social chaos resulted in mass migration of refugees to the South. Those potters may be instrumental in imparting new ceramics production technology to the locals. It is believed that the distinctive Changsha high-fired painted wares was developed on the foundation of low fired lead glaze sancai, a glaze formula from the north.

This likely occurred towards the end of 8th century. By the time of the Belitung shipwreck dated around A. D, mature distinctive polychrome painted Changsha wares were produced and quantitatively the most popular export ceramics. Bowls with painted decoration from Belitung wreck A mould of a lug, an implement for a jar, recovered from one of the Changsha kilns is useful for dating of early Changsha wares. D and is currently the earliest dated example.

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Mar 30,  · The key exhibits are those items recovered from the Mawangdui tombs in Changsha, dating about years back, which are amazingly well preserved. These include many interesting things that give great insight into the life at that time, such as some very fine silk clothing and other such items that often do not survive this long a time TripAdvisor reviews.

China has thousands of rivers. The giant panda lives in the misty mountains of central China and nowhere else on Earth. They can usually be found in thick bamboo forests, where they feast on the leaves of this woody evergreen plant. Changsha, capital of Hunan Province, is a famous ancient city with a history of 3, years. Now Changsha is an important place gathering historical and cultural relics, and a tourism collecting and distributing center of Hunan Province.

Changsha has its unique flavor of food.

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Tour registration at the conference If you plan to attend the three half-day sightseeing tours, please register no later than If you plan to attend the 3-day excursion to Zhangjiajie, please register at the conference no later than Participants of the tour should sign a contract directly with the Tour Company in the conference registration area. The conference welcome reception is the first event of the conference.

Over drinks and cold dishes, attendees are able to catch up with old friends and colleagues and get to know the other attendees and exhibitors. Half-a-day sightseeing tours for companions You could experience charming culture from the historical city with the tour during the conference. All the Half-a-day sightseeing tours during the Conference will be organized by a Tour Company.

The participants will sign a contract directly with the Tour Company, and only responsible for ticket costs.

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Radiocarbon dating of charcoal and bone collagen associated with early pottery at Yuchanyan Cave, Hunan Province, China Harvard University) and the Hunan Provincial Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Relics, Changsha, Hunan (People’s Republic of China), who funded the field project and part of the laboratory analyses. Radiocarbon.

Age distribution of the samples analyzed from Yuchanyan Cave. The samples are ordered according to stratigraphic depth following Table 3. Discussion In each stratigraphic section from which samples were analyzed, the ages increase with increasing stratigraphic depth, with 2 exceptions. The dates show that the cave was occupied from around 18, to 14, cal BP Table 3. There were some periods from which no dates were obtained.

This may be due to the sample distribution or because during these periods very little sediment may have accumulated. The mineralogical and micromorphological analyses of the sediments both indicate that ash calcite was a major component of almost all samples, implying that they were produced mainly during periods of human occupations.

Another unusual anthropogenic activity is evidenced by the clay-rich sediment formed into lenticular bands that must have been brought into the cave by humans and functioned as prepared surfaces Fig. The clay may have been red colored initially or became red due to heating. Snail shells found in the cave sediments were analyzed and almost all were found to be composed entirely of aragonite.

As aragonite is less stable than calcite, its presence indicates that the preservation conditions were generally good for ash and bones Calcite, however, buffers the ground water to above pH 8, and this is often not conducive to the preservation of charred materials. In fact, the prescreening showed that the charcoal was generally poorly preserved, especially in the eastern part of the cave, which today, at least, is much wetter than the western part We also note that less than half the bones contained acid insoluble collagen.

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The cargo was purchased for around USD 32 million by a private company, the Sentosa Leisure Group, and the Singaporean government in It throws light on the nature of maritime trade during the 9th century between the middle East and China. The cargo is a time capsule which revealed the mix of Chinese ceramics that were produced and exported. Study of the wreck confirmed that the “lashed-lug” method using fibers to stitch the planks together was used to construct the ship.

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He describes the three li-cauldron styles as follows The bottom is convex inward. The crotch is shallow, but still apparent. The feet are conical and relatively high. Except for the lip the whole body is cord-patterned. The bottom is nearly flat, and the crotch is very shallow. The legs are cylindrical. The neck and belly are cord-patterned. The bottom is round and the size is relatively large. The legs are solid and have an elliptical cross-section. There is very little cord-patterning.

In Figure 2 the rightmost li-cauldron is almost identical to Gao Zhixi’s example of style I. The leftmost is presumably also to be classified as style I, though it does not seem in the drawing to have cord-patterning. The one in the middle would seem to be somewhere between styles I and II.

Foreigners In Changsha: A Film by Grace Hsia (澶栧浗浜哄湪闀挎矙)