But now it’s an integral part of billionaire Billy Diller’s plans. Vimeo will soon introduce an on-demand video service akin to Netfix and Hulu, and is lining up TV shows and staff it hopes will convince people to cough up a monthly fee for yet another TV subscription. Vimeo will also acquire and license shows that have already aired elsewhere. Article Continued Below The company is after edgy, risky and provocative programming. That could include documentaries, action sports, comedy or drama — but not traditional romantic comedies or superhero fare. The shows should elicit some physiological response: Levin and Diller think Vimeo could be bigger, and even more valuable.

Weed Dating: Where Weeds (And Daters) Meet Their Match

In our 21st century world, people will try anything to find a date: OKCupid, Facebook flirting, blind dates, and even occasional real-life interactions at bars. Does this seemingly special someone share similar hobbies? What about work ethic?

Dexter has recently been added to Netflix streaming.. The 8 season series follows a serial killer who works for the police and targets victims, whom themselves are bad people. Dexter has been an immensely popular series for Showtime and the season 8 finale of the show was the most watched overall program in the network’s history.

To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video. And, unfortunately, bubbling the smoke through water, like in a bong, does not appear to reduce the risks of tar buildup. Yeah, marijuana smoke tar may have similar tumor-promoting effects as cigarette smoke… in mice, but what about in men and women?. Longtime marijuana users do have more cancer, more lung cancer, more oral cancer, voice box cancer—but only, it seems, because they also tend to be more likely to also smoke tobacco.

After cigarettes were taken out of the equation, no increased risk was found. Same with head and neck cancer. In terms of smoke exposure, even smoking a joint every day for 10 years may only translate to six months of pack-a-day cigarette smoking. Yes, in fact, the original demonstration of an anticancer effect, dating back to , was against lung cancer cells, showing that THC can suppress their growth in a petri dish.

There was a pilot study performed on terminal brain cancer patients.

Brooklyn’s Favorite Pot Dealer Returns

That might not sound like the most riveting storyline for a show, but this guy is a pot dealer in Brooklyn, and each episode of High Maintenance follows a different transaction, and then some. The show is Vimeo’s first foray into original Web TV, and it’s been getting raves. The New Yorker calls it “luxurious and twisty and humane, radiating new ideas about storytelling. His phone is constantly chirping with calls from his delightfully strange and diverse clientele. There’s a gruff bird watcher, an anxious assistant buying weed for her boss, a cross-dressing dad with writer’s block, and a longtime buyer who’s deflated when the dealer tells him the girl he’s dating is homeless.

Courtesy of Janky Clown Productions Equal parts poignancy and wry humor, High Maintenance is built around these oddly intimate transactions.

Yes, in fact, the original demonstration of an anticancer effect, dating back to , was against lung cancer cells, showing that THC can suppress their growth in a petri dish.

A recent post here about thawing permafrost releasing climate-warming carbon dioxide into the atmosphere was no exception. As CO2 has had no noticeable effect on climate in million years, until 20 years ago, when carbon tax was invented, any alleged climatic effects can be ignored. I ordinarily ignore comments like the one I quote above. Discover is a science magazine, not a platform for political grandstanding. And it is especially not a platform for ideas that run counter to basic physics and more than a century of hard scientific work by generations of researchers.

This is not to say that I and the other writers and editors here at Discover view science as being infallible. Scientists know this better than anyone, so skepticism is one of their cardinal values. Journalists are also supposed to be skeptical and self-critical.

Someone recently asked me: “Why do Muzungu women like dating Rastas?”

July 20, 8: It abandoned plans for a subscription video-on-demand service in June, just months after putting the plan into motion. Instead, Vimeo is aiming to bring on more creators to its platform. Sud worked at Amazon and Time Warner before joining Vimeo. Considered one of the most prescient sci-fi movies to grace the big screen, it predicted multiple future innovations, including facial recognition, personalize advertising and predictive crime fighting.

The ominous yet soft-spoken computer system was the antagonist in ‘s “

@LBCRaiders @PStarPlatinum @YuriLuv Thanks to a special person @E_Niles this is a bench is there for all of us to remember a special person. RIP Yurizan Beltran, we all loved you.

Youth enter prom at Boston City Hall photos: This story contains material that readers might consider graphic and offensive. Family advocates are outraged by a prom held at Boston City Hall that was open to children apparently as young as 12 featuring crossdressers, homosexual heavy petting, suspected drug use and a leather-clad doorman who teaches sexual bondage classes.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino issued a proclamation welcoming homosexual and transgender youth to the celebration. A video of that proclamation is below. MassResistance , an organization that describes itself as a pro-family action center, sent a year-old college student named Max to the prom to take pictures and learn more about what Massachusetts children were doing there. Brian Camenker of MassResistance said Max was astonished by the number of children who appeared to be between 12 and 14 years old.

It really bothered him.

Brooklyn’s Favorite Pot Dealer Returns

Opt out or contact us anytime In real life, Mr. Given all the emotional turmoil in his personal life, Mr. The Guy spends his days cruising around on his bike, having aimless conversations, toking on the job. For viewers living in brutally competitive, increasingly unaffordable, class-stratified New York or Los Angeles, or San Francisco, or wherever , a throwback slacker offers escapist joy.

Apr 24,  · If your goal is a long-term relationship, set your filter as only showing guys looking for a relationship to weed out the ones looking for casual sex only. Display common dating site etiquette. Avoid ignoring messages as it’s considered : K.

Zack Schamberg Few markers of success are as universally agreed upon as getting your likeness plastered on the side of a New York City bus. Just last week she saw the face of her husband, Ben Sinclair, on a bus for the first time. Sinclair stars as The Guy, an unnamed, bike-riding dealer who doubles as a therapist of sorts to his clientele. Today marks the premiere of its second season. The bus is just the beginning. Few web series get this kind of promotional push.

But High Maintenance is at the center of a new online video experiment: Video streaming companies across the web have been pouring money into original programming to distinguish themselves from competitors both online and off and attract and retain more viewers. The benefit is relative to the business model: For sites like YouTube, bolstering original programming hopefully will lead to more viewers, which brings more advertising revenue; for Netflix, it means more subscribers joining and fingers crossed staying with the service.

For Vimeo, the best explanation is an original series will draw attention to its relatively new Vimeo On Demand service, a library of nearly 14, titles customers can purchase a la carte like they might from iTunes. Vimeo expects you to pay for it. Vimeo New episodes will debut in cycles of three; three today and three more in January. This requires not just a moment of reflection are these 15 minutes of entertainment worth the price of a Snickers?


Band history[ edit ] Working as solo artists in Boston , the two members of the band, John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard, were introduced through a mutual friend, Joe Klompus. Dragonetti and Hazard formed a romantic and musical partnership, then took their show to Europe. The relationship lasted for four years, but ended in the fall of when the pair moved to L. They decided to work on a few songs together and eventually got back together, and married.

Alternative Lifestyle Dating Community for the Adventurous. Bringing all social facets of the numerous lifestyles together, where our members can easily meet like-minded people across the entire spectrum of non-traditional relationships, SLS is where open-minded singles, couples and groups can share their interests and desires.

Long Story Short Each three-minute episode of Long Story Short, directed by Chapman college student Almog Avidan Antonir, features fellow college student Tom Assam-Miller trying to complete a typical college task, like watch a movie with a girl or write a paper, accompanied by a neurotic narration of his thought process. The story bounces among fantasy, reality and everything in between in a hilariously hyperbolic devolution. The short form series is a successful college-themed riff on Israeli and French TV series that use a similar VO style.

Not Looking After being disappointed by the trailer for HBO’s Looking, comedians Jason Looney and Jeremy Shane decided to create their own version of a show about complex, gay male characters — and it was gonna be freaking funny. Not Looking features Looney and Shane alongside the hilarious Drew Droege and Justin Martindale as a group of gay male friends in Los Angeles, dating, brunching and being Sex and the City fabulous as they search for true love and fulfillment.

In Millennial Parents, filmmakers Jake Greene and Natalie Irby explore these timely questions through funny, slice-of-life conversations between an endearing, completely exhausted couple trying to raise a child in the 21st century. Watch Millennial Parents at YouTube. Crack Duck This surreal, disturbing and oddly heart-warming adult animated web series follows the tribulations of Crack Duck, the depressed, down-on-his-luck apartment manager of Grungetown Towers.

It begins with mild-mannered Lonny Anfanger doing something mundane then devolves into a different genre-bending adventure story.

Despite The Dope, ‘High Maintenance’ Is About More Than Potheads

But at the end of the day, [I’ve] never felt white. I can identify [with white people] but never have I felt like I’m one of them. I identify more with what I look like, because that’s how I got treated [but] not necessarily in a negative way”. He moved there and accepted a scholarship to St. Initially majoring in computer science , Cole later switched to communication and business after witnessing the life of a lonely computer science professor. Early work and initial mixtapes[ edit ] After becoming musically inspired by Canibus , Nas , Tupac and Eminem , Cole and his cousin worked on developing their basic understanding of rhyming and wordplay , as well as beginning to learn how to interpolate storytelling within their lyrics.

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Source Ok so your girlfriend is gone. This is a list of my top ten tips to get your ex girlfriend back. This is by no means exhaustive, and following these tips will certainly not guarantee success. If you’re here, it’s likely you’re feeling pretty bad right now. There are few things worse than having a relationship end unexpectedly, especially if you are still in love. Hopefully this will help you either come out the other side, or get back with her, if you decide that is what you want to do.

Whatever you do, don’t panic This is perhaps the biggest mistake men make in this situation. Panicking will only serve to confirm to your ex that she has made the right decision. If you have done something terrible to deserve this, then you need to accept that and try to make it up to her. If not, then you need to look at why she is trying to move on. Instead of panicking, texting, calling and moaning to everyone who will listen how bad you feel about it, make plans of your own.

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Shares 2K From farms to college campuses, singles are lining up to dig up some romance. Lines of men and women face each other across a row of vegetables in need of some TLC. They weed and get to know each other. After a set amount of time, either the men or women move down to the next partner. Depending on the attendance and weeding logistics and whether the weed dating event is romantic or platonic , many hosts have weeders work in small groups that are broken up and reformed until everyone has met each other.

Dating is here! Browse for singles online now! Cannabis dating website, join for FREE! Marijuana dating, singles.

The winner was Bachelor Number One, a handsome professional photographer named Rodney Alcala , and at the time a typesetter with the Los Angeles Times. He was not an actor getting paid for the episode but a guy looking for a date. I didn’t believe his charm and I didn’t like him. I was surprised that I wasn’t picked because I know the other guy [Bachelor Number Three] didn’t do well, and I didn’t like what Rodney did. He recalled Alcala as a man of few words.

He was always looking down and not making eye contact. Every once in awhile he would spit out things then go back to his aloofness. He was a kind of a creepy guy. So sly was Alcala that prosecutors believe that he brutally murdered them within months of his appearance as winning Bachelor Number One on “The Dating Game. Wixted, 27, was found badly beaten to death in her Malibu apartment on December 16, Lamb, 32, was found in a laundry room in El Segundo on June 24, Parenteau, 21, was killed in her Burbank apartment on June 14, Police believe he raped, beat and strangled the victims using a pant leg, stockings or a shoe lace, and then posed their bodies in carefully chosen positions.

Ballerina Samsoe disappeared on June 20,