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Japan pop idol’s head-shave apology stirs debate

Paparazzi caught a young man sneaking out of a beautiful young Japanese pop-star’s apartment one recent morning, and the girl was so ashamed of her own behavior she took it out on her hair! While a year-old woman getting laid isn’t headline news in these parts, the pop star’s sexual proclivities were a BIG deal in Japan! Her actions angered her fans and shamed her bandmates to such a degree, it seems, that Minegishi decided to shave her head in shame!!

Press PLAY on the pretty disturbing video above to see her heartbreaking apology and read the translation below!

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J-pop idol fans run amuck, drop their pants at Tokyo concert

All I know is this is sick. That she has to shave her head, beg for forgiveness, and pray and beg to be kept in a bad that is completely devoid of talent shows beyond a doubt how ridiculous the band and its management are. She won’t be allowed to stay in, of course — god forbid she leave behind the days of ‘innocent teenage girl in lingerie gyrating her hips’ to be in a real-life, private relationship!

And now how many middle-aged men will drool over her pic with the head shaved?

Factorialist Records Pop Idol Contract: This is a fictional contract based on the very real expectations of J-pop and K-pop idols. Be sexy, yet virginal, but not so virginal that it is unsexy. Fans of the member J-pop girl band AKB48 can create virtual babies with their favorite band members, using the online simulator AKBaby. It is a rite of passage for J-pop idols to appear in their very own photobook.

Think Victoria Secret catalogue, if the Victoria Secret catalogue only had one underage model. Photobooks sell out quickly; they are so popular that they have their own ranking charts. Attend regular handshake events with crazed male fans. Tickets to the events can only be obtained by purchasing the latest AKB48 single. Not every CD comes with a ticket, so fans buy multiple copies of the same single to increase their chances of winning. While their accessible image may be good for sales, it also can put the idols in vulnerable situations.

poor japanese idol breaks down crying (ishizuka akari)

Minami Minegishi had just been accused of having a boyfriend. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to shave my head without telling other band members or my agency. I don’t expect to be forgiven by doing this, but the first thing I thought was that I didn’t want to quit AKB Clad in baseball cap and cotton surgical mask, Minegishi was aiming to dodge paparazzi, but evidently her disguise didn’t work.

The result was the profoundly disturbing apology video posted last week and later pulled from the official AKB48 YouTube channel. Such “scandals” are common in Japan; despite the flagrant marketing of J-pop idols as sex symbols, any hint of them engaging in an actual relationship is harshly frowned upon.

While shocking to many in the West, such behaviour is relatively normal in the sometimes bizarre world of Japanese popular culture. During a recent visit to Osaka, Japan, I visited one of my favourite haunts, Junkudo bookshop. Waiting in line at the checkout, I looked at the displays above the cashiers, usually reserved for Japanese popular fiction. This time I was surprised to see rows of young girls in bikinis, all soft focus and dewy eyed, staring down at me.

The caption at the bottom of these books read AKB While girl and boy groups are de rigeur across Asia, AKB48 has the novelty factor of consisting of 61 members. Also unlike similar offerings in J apanese -pop AKB48 have their own theatre where they daily perform. The group was everywhere but seemed to have two distinct marketing campaigns.

One was aimed at the pre-adolescent girl market. The other market appeared to be directed at an older male audience. This was who the soft-porn books at Junkudo were aimed at. This is, again, hardly groundbreaking in J-pop, nor Western pop either. These relationships are, like those in a kaisha company , hierarchical and based on age.

Band Korea Akb48 Videos

Friday, February 1, , 4: A Japanese pop starlet recorded a tearful video and shaved her head, a traditional gesture of contrition, to apologize for breaking her band’s cardinal rule: Everything I did is entirely my fault. I am so sorry,” said Minami Minegishi, 20, during the nearly four minute video that has been seen nearly 6. Her phenomenally successful band AKB48 consists of about 90 girls from their mid-teens to early 20s, who are strongly marketed on their sex appeal.

Minami Minegishi, 20, made the dramatic gesture after a tabloid magazine printed pictures of her leaving his house last week. In an emotional four-minute YouTube video, now viewed almost 5million times, she asks for forgiveness and displays her shaven head, a traditional act of contrition in Japan. The year-old said she was ‘thoughtless and immature’ Strict: Members of the popular girl band AKB48 are strictly banned from dating while they are in the group A member of the popular girl band AKB48, Miss Minegishi explained she decided to cut off her long hair immediately after seeing the photos of her leaving year-old Alan Shirahama’s house with her face hidden behind a surgical mask and a baseball cap.

The band has a strict policy that members should not be involved in any romantic or sexual relations and the group’s management agency demoted her to ‘trainee level’ yesterday, according to the band’s official blog. She said she had been ‘thoughtless and immature’ and had considered quitting the group in shame. I am very sorry. Share or comment on this article.

Japanese Pop Starlet Shaves Head & Makes Teary Public Apology After “Sex Scandal”

Speed Dating Cougar Nyc – 4econtrols. J-pop Idol’s Teary Apology for Dating. J-pop idols teary apology for dating Anti-Idol: Japan’s J-pop idols teary apology for dating Bonkers Pop Movement.

Born in Eauratha, a large kingdome back in the ‘s, Nukimi was always one to care for others and herself at the same time. She was always known for her carefree-ness. The way she planned her day, one step at a time. As she grew up, she came up with her own style, another thing she was known as was the pale, un realistic lover. The prince once loved Nukimi, but when he found her love was no better then a dog, he crumpled and shriveled, and married the one woman he did not want to marry, the ugly princess from next door to the kingdome.

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But behind the clean-faced and beautiful men and women singing and dancing to sophisticated pop tunes usually written by Scandinavians, funnily enough , is there a well of darkness and horror? Of course there is; there always is. The group TVXQ seems to suffer particular attention. Group members have had their hotel rooms broken into and been kissed while they were sleeping, and their family members have received deranged calls.

Sasaeng fans are highly territorial, attacking other fans who dare to get too close to or touch a pop idol. Sasaeng fans sometimes devote their entire lives to stalking their idols, dropping out of school and turning to prostitution in order to afford special taxi services. Catering to these lunatics, these taxis drive at speeds of kilometers per hour mph to keep up with music industry vans shuttling pop idols between destinations. This is especially true in the case of anti-fans, who hate certain pop stars and are willing to verbally or physically attack them or their fans.

This is an old phenomenon. In , Gan Mi-yeon from the girl group Baby VOX received scores of letters filled with razor blades, as well as hate mail written in blood and photographs of herself with the eyes put out. The following year, Yoon Kye-sang from the group g.

AKB48 – an introduction